A Heater Repair Service in High Point, NC That You Can Trust!

At Hunter Heating & Air Conditioning We Provide Long Lasting Solutions

We take pride in the professional approach to helping customers in High Point, NC. Our team is fully trained in how to deal with all kinds of heating problems- they'll agree on the solution, the budget, and the timing with you. You can rest assured that our heater repair services will exceed your expectations! Our professionals are ready to do the job!  


At Hunter Heating & Air Conditioning in High Point, our contractors have many years of experience with heater repair and more. We started in 1931, and we are locally owned and operated by Herman Hunter Sr. and Herman Hunter Jr. We are experts in everything from quick fixes to complete installation and maintenance services for complex situations. You can rely on hunter Heating & Air Conditioning's team to provide long lasting solutions. 
Experienced Workers


At Hunter Heating & Air Conditioning in High Point you can rely on a professional team to provide you with an assessment of the state of your heating system and to perform a reliable and affordable heater repair. We also guarantee all of our heating contractors' work.

Professional Service

We at Hunter Heating & Air Conditioning are absolutely professional in our approach to servicing clients in High Point. The work of our heating contractor is done with regard to the highest safety standards- you can rest assured